How to Relax and Receive Sexual Pleasure


There is one thing that was missing in my sex life for a long time — without which sex was boring and empty, just a set of motions.

And once I learned how to do this, sex became pleasurable and fulfilling — and left me excited and wanting more.

You'll be surprised to know what it is, yet most of us have experienced it. It's so simple, yet most women — and men — lack the ability to do it.

Any guesses what it is? 

I put this video together that has gotten over 3K views on YouTube because most people can relate.

What was missing was my ability to be in my body and actually receive sexual pleasure. 

Instead of being in my body, feeling the touch, or the kiss or the penetration, I'd be in my head, worrying about the size of my thighs or the laundry list. I had no connection to my own body, much less the pleasure I was experiencing — and that made sex feel empty and boring and left me resentful and unfulfilled. 

If you relate, watch this short 6-minute video I put together on the exact practice I do and teach to my clients to relax and receive sexual pleasure.

This simple practice has helped my clients shift from experiencing sex to participating in it, from blocking sexual pleasure to allowing it in and feeling it — not to mention wanting more of it. And that has changed marriages, no less! 

Watch the video to see how this practice can help you be more in your body too, then comment below about how this video speaks to you.


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