Inside Every Woman Is a Turned-on Woman

Inside every woman is a turned-on woman.

Because being turned on is your natural state of being. Because it's a birthright.

She’s been there all along … before the first offense* when someone close to her told her that being sexually turned on is inappropriate … before she were told that she’s too much … before her heart was broken and she started doubting if she deserves love at all … before the disappointments and the conclusions that she is not good enough broke her spirit ... before the cynicism set in to have her believe that she can't have what she wants.  

Being turned on is her natural state of being … because she’s wired to receive pleasure via the thousands of nerve endings all over her body and her genitals … because her feminine nature embraces openness, fluidity and receptivity in its essence … because her passion and fire lights up the world and creates life.

Inside every woman is a turned-on woman.

And that turn-on is her power. It’s her magic.

When a woman is tuned into her turn-on, life is magic. Sex is easy. Because all she has to do is embrace her essence and be. Just be. Be her radiant self. Just be. When she is turned on, receiving is easy. Asking for what you want is easy. Resilience in the face of disappointment is easy. Magnetism is easy.

To access that magic, you have to look inside of yourself and find her. She is in there.  

You have to trust that what you want is possible. You have to believe your deepest desires are calling you forth to what's most important to you.

Inside every woman is a turned-on woman.

You have to find your turned-on woman within. Tune into her whispering voice. Excavate her from the beliefs and doubts that hold her hostage. And set her free. Free to desire what she wants. Free to be seen. Free to feel her pleasure and her passion. Free to speak her truth.  

Listen to her voice. What does she want? What does she really want?  

Inside every woman is a turned-on woman.

It all begins with a choice. One choice. One decision. Just one.

To honor her.

It may feel impossible right now, where you are. Her presence might feel elusive. She might be a blur or a memory past.

Trust. Believe.

And take a leap of faith on her behalf. And when you do, you will discover an untapped capacity for sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and connection that far surpasses what you thought was possible. You will discover your birthright.

Inside every woman is a turned-on woman.

Don't wait. Because the cynicism will set in. People will tell you that sex in a relationship is supposed to go away. They will tell you that you are supposed to lose sexual desire with age. They'll tell you that sex is not what it's cranked up to be. 

You will want to believe them - because it’s easy, comfortable, rational. And because most women have never known the deepest potential of their bodies and souls. Most women have never been taught to know our sexuality, much less express it. Most women have never been allowed to be free.

Just remember: Every woman has a turned-on woman inside of her.

Are you ready to honor her?

* First offense is a term coined by Sheila Kelley in her TEDx talk "Let's Get Naked"