Love, Sex & Desire in a Long-term Monogamous Relationship


Can sex & passion grow, expand and get better over time?

Hello! I am Irene Fehr, sex coach for committed couples, and I am going to share in this video most common mistakes and repeating patterns that I see couples make that lead to loss of sexual connection, desire and passion in a long-term relationship — and what it takes to create a sustainable long-term sexual relationship that is ever-evolving, exciting, and passionate and gets better over time.

If sex and passion in your long-term relationship haven’t felt as easy as fairy tales tell us they should be, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re a normal and healthy human being or couple who face with very human challenges. Watch the video to understand how some of the most common sexual “issues” in relationships — such as sexless marriage, low sexual desire and loss of libido, and painful sex for women — can become fertilizers for creating extraordinary sex.

Over the last eight years, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples and individuals to help them create passionate and satisfying sex lives:

  • I’ve helped long-married couples, together for decades, to discover passion and sexual fulfillment that grows and expand with their relationship.  

  • I’ve taught new parents run down by the responsibilities of family life to spark their romantic connection and role-model affectionate and sexually-positive relating to their children.

  • I’ve helped brand-new couples who are planning for a life-time together and are excited to design a lasting sexual relationship from the get-go.

  • I’ve worked with single women to help them prepare for deeper sexual intimacy and attract a partner who will meet them in creating a fulfilling sexual relationship.

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I feel fully alive, vital and sexyMy relationship with my husband is hotter … sexier … exciting.

Suzan Acker • Relationship Coach • Ottowa, Canada


Our relationship is the best it’s been in recent years and that’s a lot due to our renewed intimacy..

Tom and Lacey • Married Couple • Brisbane, Australia


I love myself and I desire to see myself as beautiful, joyful and happyNow, I am confident dating men again.

Pia • Brisbane, Australia