Interview: Getting Your Sexual Mojo Back

Doria Lavagnino of the SheVentures Podcast interviewed me about my journey of self-discovery and how I found my life’s work in being a sex and intimacy coach for women and couples.

Listen to podcast here.

Some highlights from the interview:

  • 3:00 — Discover how being in a sexless marriage inspired me to become a sex and intimacy coach.

  • 7:03 — I talk about going back to school and studying many different holistic approaches to emotional, physical, and sexual therapy. These methods included emotionally focused therapy, co-active coaching, and somatic-experience therapy.

  • 11:11 — I reveal how past sexual trauma can affect a woman’s ability to be intimate in the present and shares what steps she can take to start healing.

  • 14:35 — What is the top issue that couples have with sexual intimacy?

  • 18:16 — I discuss how couples can deal with having mismatched sexual desires or needs. “You cannot create pleasure or passion outside of the moment, so when we’re rushing, we don’t know how to pay attention to ourselves.”

  • 26:26 — Find out the differences and similarities between straight couples and bisexual and lesbian women when it comes to sexual intimacy.

  • 28:38 — I recommend ways that women can get more in touch with their erotic side and become comfortable with it.

  • 30:53 — I dispel common myths surrounding women and sex. “Women have an immense capacity for pleasure, eroticism, and intimacy.”

  • 33:25 — Learn about female-focused resources to help women with their sexual intimacy. There are more than you might think!

Listen to podcast: