Everything Your Need to Know about Sex and Dating (to Get What You Want in Both)


SEX & DATING ... Dating can be exciting, thrilling and also nerve-wrecking. You're meeting a new person, exploring them and letting them get to know you, which calls for opening yourself up for intimacy and connection.

If you're in the process of dating or starting a new relationship, you probably have a lot of questions about sex. When do I have it for the first time? How can I tell if we're compatible in bed and in relationship?

Janet Tingwald of Reality-Based Romance and I sat down to two powerful conversations about the reality of sex and dating and how to start off your relationship right. Find out:

• How to determine when to have sex for the first time as you're entering a relationship and why you want to wait (and morality has nothing to do with it)
• How do you determine if there is sexual and relationship compatibility
• How do you create a fulfilling and intimate sex life from date one
• The secret to not losing yourself and sustaining sexual desire well past the honeymoon phase

Part 1 (about 30 min):


Part 2 (about 30 min):