Understand Your Body &
Unlock the Key to Better Sex Webinar


Have you ever asked yourself: "What's Wrong with My Body?" when it didn't cooperate in sex?

Have you ever questioned why it's hard for you to enjoy sex?

Watch this video to understand your body and unlock the keys to better sex. 

In this talk, I covered:

  • The workings of the female body and how to make sense of what is going on with your libido
  • The three 3 essential elements for a healthy and thriving female libido
  • Why low libido, pain during intercourse, and difficulties with orgasm are appropriate responses in many circumstances — and how to reverse that without resorting to therapy, medication, or hormonal replacement
  • The major mindset shift you must make to have sex that's nourishing and pleasurable for your body
  • How women get trapped in the "diminishing returns" area of sex and lose their libido and how to get to the "generative results" instead
  • Why common advice such as "sex date night" will not work for many women

So much is possible for women when we know how our bodies work, stop questioning whether we're broken, and explore our pleasure to get turned on. 

The Pleasure-based Sex Ed: How to Have Sex for Your Pleasure is a live online group program for women to go deeper into understanding — and practicing — the tools to open your body to pleasure. It runs Wednesdays, starting May 30th, at 5-7pm PST/8-10pm EST for 10 sessions. 

Because you've attended the webinar, I am offering the Early Bird pricing discount of $100 if you join by Friday, May 25 at 5pm PST.


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