Testimonial 6

In working with Irene, the most important things we've learned have been different approaches to understanding intimacy, from love languages to masculine/feminine dynamics.  We've learned how to better communicate and acknowledge feelings instead of talking past each other.  Irene's exercises and one-on-one coaching has helped us take steps towards where we want to be, rather than trying to fix everything all at once.  She's also helped remove the negativity from our thinking about intimacy issues, and gotten us to a place where we think of this as a normal growing pain in a longstanding relationship."

Krystal and Ira, married couple, London 

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Testimonial 5

When I approached Irene, I was despondent and resentful of my spouse. I wanted a deeper connection with him, more intimacy and honesty. After working with Irene to identify my needs and my fears, I am able to communicate honestly and directly with my spouse, and this has led to a deeper feeling of connectivity and deeper level of intimacy with him. I appreciate this about the coaching: Irene is gentle yet tough. She was able to gently guide me to see where I needed more intense self-care and introspection, and she held me accountable. As a result, I feel more joy in my every day life at home. I recognize that this is a journey, not a race— and I walk it more fearlessly thanks to the coaching by Irene.

Physician, married and mother of 2

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Testimonial 4

Before coaching with Irene, I had been with my now husband, whom I love very much, for over 10 years, but I was frustrated that I didn't want sex. I felt abnormal, self conscious, and I felt bad that I was neglecting this area for him. After a few sessions with Irene, I understand much more about myself as a whole (not just in regards to sex). As a result, I feel like I am becoming a better version of myself in all areas of life — it has been awakening in many ways. 

Jennifer, Nurse Practitioner, married & mother of 2

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Testimonial 3

"Working with Irene was wonderful. I've worked with many different types of therapists and coaches along my healing journey, and Irene's approach is unique. She offered me support that was free of judgement and filled with knowledge and understanding, the kind of which I had not come across before. Working with her helped me to move to the next level in my healing process as a sexual individual and as a partner in a relationship. Thank you so much Irene for sharing your wisdom and support!"

Anna Holtzman, life coach

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Testimonial 2

I had spent years in my head and totally disconnected from my body. I felt flat. I knew I wanted to feel differently but I wasn't sure what to do about it. Irene helped me to zero in on how I wanted to feel within my body, then name and claim those desires. I laughed, cried, cussed, and got turned on! Working with Irene was nothing short of transformational. Don't let her sweet voice fool you though, she's tough ... and you'll love her for it! 

Stephanie H.

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Testimonial 1

I see myself completely differently. My love for myself (and realization that I matter) has grown tremendously. I don’t feel numb anymore. I don’t hold back as much. I feel fully alive and vital and sexy. I feel powerful and magnetic. What I am most proud of is my openness to talk with my husband about things I was afraid to ask for before. My relationship is hotter, more fun, sexier, exciting. Coaching with Irene has been fun, and the most valuable coaching I’ve ever gotten.

Suzan, Co-Active Relationship Coach

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