Pleasure-based Sex for Women: Become an Engaged and Confident Lover

6 weeks to deeper pleasure & expressed sexuality in a community of women


It's time for a new kind of sex.

Sex that's not about performance and appearance — but about how you feel.

This is sex that places you, the woman, and your pleasure front and center.

Are you craving more information about your body and how to access the depth of pleasure it is capable of?

Do you seek more connection with yourself and your sexuality?

Do you wish you knew how to ask for exactly what you want?
(I mean 100% of what you really really really want)

Do you wonder if you're "normal" and want to hear about other women's experiences?

If you've ever felt that sex is like a chore, something to get yourself ready for and do, it's time to make a change! There is a different way. 

There’s a way to have sex that renews, energizes and fulfills. Sex that is fun and pleasurable.
Sex that is about YOU.

And here is the secret: when sex is done with deep regard for the way your body works, sex never feels tiring or like a chore. Instead, it nourishes your body and feeds your soul — and it makes you want more of it.

If this is the sex that you've been craving for, 
you're in the right place, woman! 

I've distilled the teachings from my private 1:1 practice to offer 6 weeks of juicy and potent content over video + live support in a small and safe community of women. Limited to 20 women.

Next program: September 4, 2019 

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Cultivate your sexual energy for more pleasure, desire and connection

When you understand the workings of your sexuality and your body's pleasure anatomy, cultivating it becomes easier — and so does access to physical pleasure and emotional connection.

Feel your desires & trust their power and "rightness" 

Do you dread the question "what do you want"?  Do you censor yourself or figure out what you should want? Learn to listen to your desire and trust it to lead you to what is right for you.

Tune into deeper pleasure of your body & delight in your sensuality

When you learn about women's anatomy of pleasure and arousal to understand what works for your body, you will be able to tune into deeper pleasure — on your terms. Various pleasure and sensual practices will help you access that pleasure and make it a daily part of your life.

Feel freer and more confident in your body — whatever shape, age or size you are

Even as we want pleasure and affection in our lives, it can be challenging to let ourselves have it. Learn to relax your body and mind and receive pleasure unapologetically, without guilt or shame.

Cultivate confidence to be vulnerable

The bedrock of intimacy is honesty. But how often do you feel less-than-courageous to speak your truth in relationships? And at what cost? Cultivate the confidence and the skills to effectively communicate your needs, feelings, desires, and boundaries in your intimate relationships to build intimacy and connection (and turn-on).

Feel empowered to ask for what you want & in a way that has your partner want to give it to you

How much time do you spend second-guessing what you want? Or what your partner may think of you? Or figuring out if what you feel will hurt their feelings? Cultivate the ability to connect to your inner wisdom and trust your intuition when it comes to intimacy and vulnerability.

Deepen connection with your partner or get ready for your future one

When you become grounded in your desire, pleasure and truth — the hallmarks of a confident, turned-on woman — you radiate your power. Learn to connect deeper with your partner or attract one who'll meet you. 


Week 1: “No, You’re Not Broken or Not Sexual Enough” —
Overcome Worry and Learn to Love Your Sexuality

Too long we've used male sexuality as a proxy for "sexuality" as a whole, leaving women feeling "less than" for not being as sexual as men. Women's sexuality is different and to understand it, we have to look at sexuality holistically — at our bodies, minds, emotions, hearts, and souls. We start with taking an in-depth look at women's sexual desire and libido and how it hinges on … pleasure.


Week 2: Understand Your Body, Engage Your Pleasure

Did you know the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings — almost three times as much as the penis (we're wired with mega pleasure!)? Did you know it also expands far along the vaginal walls and encompasses the g-spot and other sensitive spots? Did you know that with arousal, the muscles around our mouth also relax to make oral sex more pleasurable? Understanding your body's anatomy and pleasure map is key to accessing deeper pleasure in your body. This is an anatomy lesson you will not want to miss! 


Week 3: Get Clarity on What You Want

When we're used to beating ourselves up, the gentle, whispering voice of desire (calling for more pleasure) doesn't have a chance. When we follow what we “should” be doing, desire gets lost in the background. This week, we take a deeper look at our relationship to desire and break through barriers to knowing and asking for what we want.


Week 4: You Are What Nourishes You


Week 5: Supercharge Your Communication for Pleasure


Week 6: Having Sex for Your Pleasure

This week we bring it all together. What is to have sex for your pleasure? What is sex that is nourishing and touches your heart and soul? And how do you sustain sex for your pleasure? As we wrap up the program, we also celebrate each other's journeys and successes.


BONUS: Turning up the Heat with the Masculine & Feminine

If you feel that you're not as connected to your body and pleasure as you'd like and/or you feel that you're lacking energy and drive in sex and the rest of your life, this will be a life-changing module for you. In this bonus session, we're going to explore the masculine and the feminine energies within you and learn how honoring the feminine increases your ability to receive and experience pleasure and be a more confident lover.



20 hours of recorded transformational content
+ worksheets and exercises

6 weeks of live group Q&A calls
(to be recorded and provided to all participants)

Secret Facebook “Community” group to connect with other women
going through the journey + more access to me for Q&A and support

OPTIONAL: Private 1:1 coaching sessions for personalized support

Praise from Participants

From the moment I signed up for Irene’s Pleasure-Based Sex course, my body shook with fear. I knew I needed to address this area of my life, for myself and for my partnership, but as soon as I said yes I panicked. Before most weeks of the course, I felt resistance to showing up. Yet, time and time again, once in Irene’s presence and with each week of material, I inevitably left each session feeling empowered, hopeful, and informed. Irene is passionate, devoted, skillful, and knowledgable in this vast topic of sex-education ... and is a grounded, organized instructor who is also constantly attuning to her students. I consistently felt attended to, especially when the topics triggered a fear response in the moment

I noticed changes in my pleasure within days ... I am now acknowledging my desires within myself ... and making enacting them more of a priority, speaking up more during sex to direct touch towards my pleasure or to stop things when they hurt, having more frequent conversations about sex with friends and partner. I do feel more confident both during lovemaking and around trusting that I know what I need, learning to work with our sex life and trusting that my partner and I can evolve together and not be stuck.

I highly recommend this course and working with Irene!

Miriam, 38 • Dance Instructor • Colorado

From Irene’s course, [I learned] to shift my view of what sex is into the reality that sex is a beautiful expansive spacious free flowing experience, one that holds a lot of freedom and pleasure ... [which] opened me up to what’s possible — and what’s possible is both enlivening and healing. This course has taught me to better understand my body, my sexual interests and needs ... in a deep fulfilling way. Everything before has been about the surface of sex ... not what truly nourishes us. This course has firmly planted the seeds for my sexual transformation to unfold. I wish I had this class 15 years ago! I found Irene to be warm, inviting, very knowledgable — and honestly I just love her views and understanding of sex and sexual relational patterns. Without a doubt, this class has changed what sex is for me and my husband for the rest of our lives!

Kristyn, 33 • Married, Stay-at-home Mom • Colorado

Program Investment


20 hours of recorded content & exercises
Weekly live Q&A calls
Private Facebook community group



20 hours of recorded content & exercises
Weekly live Q&A calls
Private Facebook community group

+ 3 private 40-min coaching sessions
+ Email support


* Payment plan available

Next program: September 4, 2019 

Get notified when enrollment opens.

How It Works

Once enrollment opens, you will be able to purchase the program and get access to videos for week 1 + private Facebook group. Every subsequent week, you will get access to additional videos for that week.

Once you're in, I’ll send you an agreement asking you to confidentiality. To ensure everyone's safety as well as growth in this program, your agreement to total confidentiality is crucial. If you cannot agree to confidentiality or know you cannot maintain it, please let me know upfront. Unfortunately, this is non-negotiable, and failure to agree to confidentiality means you will not be able to participate in the program. 

Each week, we will have 1-hour live Q&A call held over the Zoom video platform. You will also be able to submit questions ahead of time and I will answer all questions either on the calls or in the Facebook group. You're encouraged to share and participate according to your comfort level. All sessions will be recorded and made available to you shortly after the calls.

Should you want additional individualized support, you will be able to purchase additional coaching hours once the program starts, on an as-needed basis, in 2-hour segments.

Questions? Contact me at 


Q: What if I have to miss a couple of sessions? How do I catch up?

All group sessions will be recorded and available on the Facebook group after each  call. You will also have access to worksheets for follow-up work. The Facebook group is a wonderful way to stay connected to the group and further the learnings, even if you cannot attend some sessions.

Q: Do you offer a refund if I have to drop out half-way?

Should something come up after you enroll and up to two weeks before the program starts, I will offer a refund. There are no refunds less than two weeks before the course and once the program starts.

Q: Sex and sexuality are sensitive topics. What if something happens or someone gets triggered in the group setting?

This is a very important question. The emotional and psychological safety of participants is paramount to the safety of all in this program. Should something arise, such as an emotional trigger, during one of the group sessions, I will take utmost care of the triggered participant by stopping the conversation and attending to their needs as well as the needs of other participants. As a trauma-informed coach, I am trained to face challenging situations with potential emotional and psychological triggers. If something serious happens, I have therapists to recommend as back-up support.

If you have past psychological conditions, emotional and/or psychological trauma, PTSD, and/or sexual abuse, please disclose these to me before enrolling into the program and we can determine if this is a good fit.

This group is not appropriate for healing sexual trauma or sexual abuse, and you will be better served by a specialized program targeted towards this sensitive topic. 

Q: What kind of access do we have to you and individual coaching during the program?

You will get me live during the 1-hour weekly calls designed for Q&A. You will also be able to submit questions ahead of time, and I will answer all questions either on the calls or in the Facebook group. You're encouraged to share and participate according to your comfort level.

I will not be coaching on the group calls. The combined package of group work + 1:1 coaching is the best way to get individual coaching support with me.

Q: Is this program for coupled women or single?

First and foremost, this program is about YOU and your relationship with your sex and pleasure. There will be portions when we will talk about relationships, and both single and coupled women will benefit greatly from these conversations.

Q: What is the difference between sex coaching and sex therapy? 

Read the detailed FAQ here.

More Client Feedback

Before coaching with Irene, I had been with my now husband, whom I love very much, for over 10 years, but I was frustrated that I didn't want sex. I felt abnormal, self conscious, and I felt bad that I was neglecting this area for him. After a few sessions with Irene, I understand much more about myself as a whole (not just in regards to sex). As a result, I feel like I am becoming a better version of myself in all areas of life — it has been awakening in many ways. 

Jennifer, Nurse Practitioner, married & mother of 2

• • • 

I see myself completely differently. My love for myself (and realization that I matter) has grown tremendously. I don’t feel numb anymore. I don’t hold back as much. I feel fully alive and vital and sexy. I feel powerful and magnetic. What I am most proud of is my openness to talk with my husband about things I was afraid to ask for before. My relationship is hotter, more fun, sexier, exciting. Coaching with Irene has been fun, and the most valuable coaching I’ve ever gotten.

Suzan, Relationship Coach

Next program: September 4, 2019

Get notified when enrollment opens.