You have extraordinary love. Your partner is the most important person in your life — or you want to find one who will be. And you want extraordinary sex that expresses the love that you have for each other.


If this is you, you're in the right place. My name is Irene Fehr, sex and intimacy coach, and I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world to cultivate and enjoy sex that sustains and moves them to deeper depths of relating and loving.

  • I’ve helped long-married couples, together for decades, to discover passion and sexual fulfillment that grows and expand with their relationship.  

  • I’ve taught new parents run down by the responsibilities of family life to spark their romantic connection and role-model affectionate and sexually-positive relating to their children.

  • I’ve helped brand-new couples who are planning for a life-time together and are excited to design a lasting sexual relationship from the get-go.

  • I’ve worked with single women to help them prepare for deeper sexual intimacy and attract a partner who will meet them in creating a fulfilling sexual relationship.



For Couples

Reignite passion and libido and deepen intimacy in your sex life with customized couples coaching.  


For Single Women

Rediscover your desire, feel confident in your body, and learn to have more fun in sex with private coaching.


What My Clients Are Saying