Desire Fest


A celebration of our feminine fire

What if feeling your desire felt freeing, not depleting or depressing?

What if knowing what you want brought you joy?

What if asking for what you want felt empowering?

Introducing DesireFest, a half-day exploration of desire, embodiment and expression of feminine sexual energy.

Through a set of profound, yet simple interactive exercises, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what you like that will transform your sex life. And, you will:

  • Gain more confidence in your own desires and sensual experience
  • Learn how to bring your own flavor of soulfulness and sensuality to the bedroom
  • Discover how to communicate exactly how you want to be touched that invites more connection
  • Learn more communication skills to ask for what you want with ease and confidence

You'll also learn about the three building blocks of women’s sexuality to feeling radiant, sexy and turned on that are simple—yet are almost always overlooked in our busy lifestyles.

You will discover a way of being with yourself and your desires that positively affects your relationship and becomes a practice of presence, sensuality and love that you can do every day (and not just on date night!). 

When you understand what you desire and take full ownership of it, you begin to feel more freedom, sexual satisfaction and turn-on and have the power to shift your sexual relationship to deeper satisfaction—whatever that looks like for you.


This workshop Is for You if You:

  • Are seeking the next level of ease, confidence and joy in your sexual and sensual life
  • Want to be better at asking for what you want — in bedroom and in the boardroom
  • Identify as sexually inexperienced, wildly experienced or anywhere in between and want to find deeper fulfillment and self-expression in your sex life
  • Love and care for your partner, but can’t quite figure out why sex isn’t passionate or fulfilling or why your libido is not as responsive
  • Know there is something deeper, more meaningful in sex, but have no idea where to start looking for it
  • Are not comfortable "receiving" and don’t know why or what to do about it
  • Want your body to be more responsive and turned on to your partner 
  • Want to have more FUN!

Created by a Sex Expert

This workshop was developed and is led by Irene Fehr, who has coached hundreds of women to have more desire, pleasure and soulful self-expression in their sex life for over five years. As a women’s sexuality coach, Irene provides a safe and inspiring space and the tools for women to awaken their bodies, learn what turns them on, and ask for what they desire — so they can fully, deeply, wholeheartedly surrender their body and their being to love through sex.

What to Expect

A Sensual Experience

This is not just a workshop! You a luxurious experience of sensual delight as you get in touch with yourself, your desires, and your pleasure. There will be no touch at the workshop.

Real, Tangible, Usable Skills

This is not a theoretical workshop. You will experience—and practice—a set of solid skills and insights that you will take home with you and use again and again:

  • Eye opening exercises designed to tap into your deepest desires
  • Break-through coaching sessions to deepen your exploration
  • Connection to a supportive community of women celebrating the power of desire and revving up ignition in their lives. 

Come with curiosity and be prepared to play! 

 What to Bring & Wear

Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in. There will be movement exercises. Bring a journal or notebook and pen.


What Participants Say about Desire Fest

"Desire Fest was an absolute refreshing event to attend!! Irene Fehr unearthed some amazing emotions and desires that were buried deep down. I also enjoyed their coaching session, which brought some clarity to the next steps in my life. Thank you!"
- Ramya Mehul, Marketing Manager

"Irene made us really comfortable and at ease to talk about desires. It was nice to be around women, feeling in that very safe environment where you could just talk about what you really want and what is meaningful to you. It was very inspiring for me to connect to my desires, what has stopped me from expressing them, and how I want to express them in the future ... "

- Isabelle Peyrichoux, Life Coach, Brilliant Seeds Coaching 

"It was a really great event, a really great space, wonderful coach. Amazing opportunity to know ourselves better, talk about desires in a very safe space."
- Swiyyah White, Lawyer

"I liked the environment: very warm and comfy. It's really great experience everybody should try!"
- Leah Pitts

"Desire Fest is a beautiful arena for women who may not be necessarily asking themselves: what do I desire. It brought community and support to ask these questions deeply and in a safe environment. And to share: I want the same things. And to process what comes up, such as judgement, fear and other negative connotations that we have around desiring and going after what we desire."

- Misa Christina Ikeda,