Rekindle Sexual Intimacy

8 weeks that will completely transform your sexual relationship — and love.


In this 8-week online self-learning course, I guide you through a journey that will change your relationship and your sex life. You will learn to connect more intimately …

Each week, we focus on a fundamental aspect of what makes a sexual relationship thrive in a long-term relationship to lead you to having the most amazing, deeply fulfilling, and spiritually-attuned sex you could imagine (and beyond).


Irene Fehr brings combined over 25 years of experience in healing work, coaching, and other methodologies — along with personal experience transforming out of a sexless marriage – to get straight to the heart of the matter.

What I know is that

  • No matter how much love or chemistry runs between you, your sex life will change over time. If you are unprepared for this, you may avoid sex or start blaming each other instead of understanding the mysterious ways life is growing you into your fuller self.

  • You’ll see what’s working in your relationship and know how to make it grow – and you’ll see exactly what isn’t working in your relationship, and know how to make a shift. Erotic challenges are seen as fertilizer for growth and connection, rather than impediments to “great sex.”

Join me to get unstuck from the patterns that are holding you back, and discover a whole new way of experiencing sex, love, connection and passion.

I do my best to make this course accessible to EVERYONE, no matter your sexual orientation or gender.

What kind of impact would having a HIGH PROFIT automated webinar running 24/7 bringing non-stop leads and sales to your inbox have on your business?

  • Being role-models of healthy sexuality and affection to children

This exceptional 12-hour course offers a cost-effective way to understand and attend to the challenges in your intimate relationship, while in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

  • New couples

  • Established couples

  • Single men and women


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  • How to break through patterns of disconnection around sex

  • Break free of shyness to talk about what you want

  • Break free of patterns that hold you hostage in having the same argument over and over again

  • How to be present (and enjoy it) no matter the circumstances

  • Hello? How to know if your partner is or isn’t there, and how to get them back to being present when they aren’t.

  • However strong your triggers,

  • Even when you’re disagreeing, how to communicate effectively, lovingly, and in a way that brings you closer.

  • No matter what you’ve been through in the past, experience reliable ways to create emotional safety, so you can open up sexually to your partner

  • When you’ve tried everything, how to remove the blinders that keep you from seeing what else is possible for you in relationship & unlock your ability to create new energy that brings change.

  • Better sex – whether it’s overcoming issues in the bedroom or soaring to new heights, you will discover new ways of experiencing the sexual and sensual current that flows between you and your partner.

  • Help! I’m shutting down! (or…I’m so angry!) Practical ways to come back into balance and connection when you are triggered. And…how to take it to the next level, so that you’re not just coming back into balance – but also healing the things that trigger you in the first place!

  • How to CLEAR learned beliefs, patterns, and programs about relationship from society, your parents, and yourself – once and for all.

  • Accessing relaxation and receive love for ALL parts of you – body, mind, heart, spirit — however hard it might have been for you before

  • How to experience fulfillment – not mere happiness – in your relationship.

  • PLUS: you will get to speak with me and learn about the specifics of your relationship in the bonus 1:1 session

  • Create a pleasure-focused sexual mindset

  • Explore your sexual imagination without guilt or shame

  • Overcome sexual numbness and body disconnect

  • Use touch and sensuality for amazing sexual pleasure

  • Confidently communicate about sex with your partner




Each week, you will receive a video or a series of short videos that will cover the topic of the week. Plus, you will get practical exercises you can do to transform your relationship — not merely talk about changing it.

  • Weekly video trainings, ranging 15-30 minutes in length

  • Worksheets and support materials to keep you growing between sessions.

  • During this special launch: BONUS LIVE weekly office hours where I answer your questions on applying the material in your life



WEEK 1: Setting you up for success

During this week, we cover:

  • Introductory module about what to expect from the course and how to get the most out of your experience

  • The most important tool you will ever learn: how to communicate in a way that brings your closer — whatever the topic so you can break free of the endless cycles of miscommunication to


WEEK 2: Cultivating Desire

During this class we cover:

  • Expand your vision for your relationship

  • Exercises to keep


WEEK 3: Arousal and Why It’s Important for Sex

During this week, we cover:

  • How to explore the peaks and valleys of sexual arousal and intensify the ‘peaks' of sex

  • Ways to pleasure each other for heightened erotic arousal


WEEK 4: Anatomy of Intimacy

During this class we cover:

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WEEK 5: Building Arousal for Pleasurable Sex

During this week, we cover:

  • Natural evolution of erotic desire

  • How to stay on track when you want to disconnect


WEEK 6: Sexual Pleasure Anatomy

During this week, we cover:

  • Understand the inner workings of a woman’s sexual anatomy

  • How to heighten pleasure for women and draw out pleasure for men


WEEK 7: Pleasure Anatomy

During this week, we cover:

  • Natural evolution of erotic desire

  • How to stay on track when you want to disconnect


WEEK 8: Deepening connection

During this week, we cover:

  • Natural evolution of erotic desire

  • How to stay on track



BONUS 1: 2 videos — one for women and one for men — with specific practices to help you build your sexual energy and arousal

BONUS 2: One 1-hour personalized coaching session with me to support your in your transformation

BONUS 3: Video demo of a practice that help your partner connect deeply through touch


Get your course and bonuses


Why Irene Fehr?

I have Been there






Helped hundreds of couples

Thanks for your interest in our course! I am here if you have any questions:


Get Irene’s expertise & guidance and unlimited access to materials

16 hours of content (20 videos downloadable MP3s) + 15 exercises




Old Paradigm
which focuses on …

  • Date nights to revive passion

  • Toys to inspire experimentation

  • Building sexual attraction

  • Reviving passion

  • Using external elements to add excitement to your sex life

New Paradigm (my proven approach)
which focuses on …

  • Connection

  • Understanding each other

  • Focus on desire

  • Building closeness while also fostering differentiation

  • Understanding your own body’s erotic language and

  • Listening to the body

  • Takings risks



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Erin and Ben



+ Q: How do I access the course?

Upon registration and payment, you will receive an email with your personal login information. You’ll also be sent a link to the online course where you will enter your credentials and unlock immediate access to all content. The content is pre-recorded and available for immediate access.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Any modern web browser running on a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

+ Q: If participating with my partner, do we need to register for two courses?

One registration is good for both you and your partner to participate. Because all content is unlocked after your purchase, you can set up a shared account.

+ Q: What if I want to rekindle sexual intimacy but my partner is not on board. Can I take this course without them?

ABSOLUTELY! If you’re taking this course on your own, then the skills that you learn and put into practice will have a huge impact on your relationship. A relationship is a dance – and if you change your moves then your partner will change as well. Also, recordings of each class will be available to you, so when your partner notices the changes and wants to join, you can send them to the recordings and do the program together. Each step along the way we offer guidance for how you can invite your partner to participate with you – or to simply incorporate what you’re learning on your own in a way that still benefits your relationship.

I encourage you to take responsibility for your contributions to the relationship dynamic. If you alter your behavior and actions, you will inevitably changed the relational dynamic. If the relational dynamic shifts, the relationship shifts. And if the relationship shifts, you in turn, change the other. Even if your partner is not interested in watching the videos and doing the exercises with you, I hope you take away new potential entry points for conversations and experiences.

+ Q: Can I take the course if I’m single?

YES! While the course is designed primarily for people who are currently in relationships, the principles I teach will help you when you ARE in a relationship. And it will give you a way of knowing if someone you meet or are dating is actually ready and able to have the kind of sexual relationship with you that you want. And this material will be available in the recordings, for you and your future partner to do together.

+ Q: Will I get 1:1 advice from Irene?

You will have an opportunity to join a weekly Q&A call

We welcome you to share your thoughts and questions in the comments of the session pages, and Irene will do her best to give valuable feedback via recorded emails.

You will also get a BONUS 1:1 coaching session with Irene.

+ Q: Does Irene or her team have access to our worksheet answers or is it fully confidential??

All of your program materials are completely confidential. No one associated with Sue Johnson Inc. has access to them.

+ Q: If I am a therapist or relationship coach, will this be helpful for my practice?

Absolutely! We have put together a system that combines the wisdom of our training and work with clients, along with distilling the wisdom of more than 50 guests on the podcast. This framework will definitely help you figure out what’s going on with your clients, and give you more tools for helping your clients in their own relationships. And it’s probable that it will all help you in your own relationship as well. Unfortunately, we are not offering CE’s for this course at this time.

+ Q: I am in a same-sex relationship. Does your material work for all sexual orientations?

NOTE: We do our ABSOLUTE BEST to make this course accessible to EVERYONE, no matter your sexual orientation or gender. Focus on who you are, your needs and desires, and what works for you.

+ Q: Do I have to do this program all at once?

To help you get the most out of this process and create a breakthrough, this program is designed to be taken in sequence over 8 weeks.

+ Q: What is the expected time commitment?

Expect to put in anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour each to connect with each other. The more time you spend with each other, the more you will get out of the course — and your relationship.

+ Q: What's your cancellation policy and can I get a refund?