Interview: Teaching Couples to Listen to Themselves and Have Great Sex


In this long-format interview with Gabe Ratliff of the GATHORA podcast

  • I share my personal story around my sexless marriage that inevitably led me to serve others looking for fulfillment, connection and long-term sex in their relationships.

  • the ancient tribal behavior that we still implement today which haunts so many relationships and should have evolved along with us

  • how I almost died in Peru because I didn’t listen to myself and my own intuition, which caused me to not speak up and take action during what became a dangerous situation

  • the three types of sex that couples have, how they differ, and how two of them are bound to fizzle out eventually, no matter the relationship

  • an analogy of how to think about the way that women get aroused versus the way that men do, as well as how we each look at situations in life

  • tips on how couples can begin the conversation around their relationship and their sex life + a FREE worksheet on how to talk to your partner

Listen to the podcast here: